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International Round Table Labor Exploitation in Commonwealth of Independent States: Problems of Prevention, Detection and Disclosure” was hosted at the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan. Event was organized by the Academy of Law Enforcement under the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the OSCE Program Office in Nur Sultan.

Oleksandra ZAKHAROVA, Head of the Department of Actualization of Education and Practical Training of the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, joined the round table. LvSUIA representative of told an audience about the peculiarities of combating human trafficking in Ukraine.

Topics of cooperation between law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organizations on this issue were discussed during the scientific event. Experts talked about combating labor exploitation and OSCE commitments in this area.

In addition, experts described the current state and trends of crimes related to labor exploitation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, participants of the round table discussed the problems of proving the facts of labor exploitation and peculiarities of providing assistance to victims.

П'ятниця, 29 січня 2021 16:04

University gave a start for the realization of my dreams

We continue to tell about the most active students of the university within the project “My Lviv Sate University of Internal Affairs”. Today a law student Mykola APETYK become our hero.

Student notes that there were a lot of bright moments during his studies.

Young man recalled his first trip to Dnipro city to attend International Student Summit, where he and his colleagues won second place.

Over the past four years, he has implemented more than 40 projects – from Ukrainian events to local trainings. Particularly, young man became the founder of the First Lviv Project Workshop, which is designed to implement useful initiatives for young people.

In addition, Mykola Apetyk was the Student Vice-Mayor of Lviv, and now he is the First Deputy Head of Self-government at LvSUIA Faculty of Law.

“At Lviv State University of Internal Affairs I can combine training and interesting projects. It is important that teachers constantly help in this and promote comprehensive development. So I’m grateful to all the research & teaching staff who shared their experience and invested their time in me. This is very valuable”, says Mykola APETYK.

The guy said that, despite training and active participation in various projects, he always tries to leave some time for leisure. Mykola is fond of football and also loves to read.

Project participant is convinced that the university gave him the ground to realize his dreams. And also - helped to understand that to achieve something - you need to put a lot of effort.

“You need to learn, engage in self-development and implement the knowledge gained in practice”, - concludes Mykola APETYK.

Photos from Mykola APETYK personal archive

Presidential scholarships, various prizes, international competitions and tournaments, dozens of conferences and written scientific papers… And this is not the whole list of achievements of cadets, students and associate professors who joined the Scientific Society of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. After all, participation in research opens new opportunities, helps to realize their intellectual potential and just find like-minded people.

“Members of the Society are the best of the best. In addition to the fact that our students are excellent in education, they are also active in scientific field: they constantly write abstracts for conferences, works on scientific research,says the Head of the Society Yulia SHEVTSIV. She takes care of young scientists, coordinates activities of clubs and organizes scientific and practical events for young people.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced the Society to move online, its members are not losing enthusiasm. Young scholars continue to communicate remotely and regularly submit abstracts for conferences. Of course, I want to return to the usual regime, because its easier to work when there is an opportunity to meet directly at a meeting of the society or to attend a scientific event, adds Yulia SHEVTSIV.

Young researchers have an opportunity to draw public attention to important social issues through the writing of scientific articles, papers, presentations at seminars through participation in the Scientific Society. Im concerned about the fight against corruption, and Im writing many articles about it. I would like people to pay more attention to this topic, to talk about it Scientific Society in this regard is very helpful to express yourself. In addition, you are constantly evolving and always achieve something,” shares Yulia NIKITINA, a fourth-year law student and Co-chair of the Society.

Writing a scientific work, report or abstract helps young people to discover new qualities someone learns to speak and perform to the audience, someone finds new hobbies in science, someone manages to realize their potential. For example, Sofiya KYRYLCHUK, a second-year cadet of Faculty №3 and, also part-time, also a Co-chair of the Society, recently hesitated about her research: “At first I was a bit affraid, but teacher supported me, I overcame my fear. And after some time have prepared a scientific work, successfully defended it and won third place. Later I took an active part in writing various reports and later I had a chance to be a Co-chair of the Society. I agreed, because I want to inspire others to active scientific work.”

Environment has a great influence on the formation of personality. Therefore, Mykola KOZAK, a third-year cadet of Faculty №1 and the Head of the Criminal Procedure and Criminology Circle, is convinced that participation in the Scientific Society helps to improve and grow scientifically. “When you see how others develop their abilities, you also try not to lag behind. I’ve been interested in jurisprudence for a long time, I’m interested in various branches of law. But when I joined the Society, I realized that I like the most to research topics from the criminal process”.

Therefore, participation in the Scientific Society helps young people to find themselves, opens new horizons, promotes the development of their own abilities and implementation of interesting ideas.

Photos from LvSUIA Press Service archive

Last year has become a real teacher for us and helped us to learn some important lessons, said Natalia KALKA, Senior Lecturer at LvSUIA Department of Psychology.

“2020 is awarded by a lot of most unexpected epithets – from “non-standard”, “interesting”, “unpredictable” to “apocalyptic”, “terrible” and even “crazy”, - says the psychologist. Last year “took care” of zeroing in many areas and forced to find a phoenix in ourselves. And also helped to gain a lot of awareness, knowledge and skills. So, it is worth summing up the results of the past year, remembering what wishes you had, what you dreamed of and comparing them with current expectations. Psychologist advises to try to answer several questions honestly:

• What was the main event of the last year?

• What was the most difficult?

• Did I start something in 2020 and finish it?

• Who did I help?

• What did I learn about myself?

• Who am I grateful for and for what?

• Why was this year wonderful?

According to the psychologist, last year helped us learn some important lessons.

Lesson 1. Life is too unpredictable. All goals, expectations and plans must be flexible, but at the same time specific. Previous year has shown that our dreams can be ruined like a “house of cards”.

Lesson 2. Fear can be a strong enemy, a weapon, as well as our protective reaction. During the pandemic, it became clearly visible due to the threat to life and health. Therefore, learning to master fear is the same as putting a predator in a cage and starting to feel pleasure, lightness and harmony in life.

Lesson 3. Control your thoughts and emotions so that they do not control you. Formula of emotional intelligence “understand and manage” provides filtering of negative emotions, their acceptance and effective utilization of them during the pandemic.

Lesson 4. To escape – is to run on the spot. Problems or difficulties need to be solved, not ignored. Therefore, everyone must learn the rule “you need to move to something, not from something.” Positive attitudes and conscious activities will help to replace negative experiences and solve problems.

Lesson 5. Love-appreciate-respect. Self-worth and presence of loved ones gives a sense of security and confidence. Therefore, take care of your close environment, give them time to receive such important and valuable support, understanding and love.

Вівторок, 12 січня 2021 16:12

How to memorize info correctly. Tips for entrants

Psychologists advise that you should “make friends” with your mnemonic abilities (from Greek mnemo - memory) and use this personal potential wisely in order to better pass exams and make the most constructive use of the time left for preparation. It needs not only willpower or even knowledge of mnemonic rules to memorize all the information you need, but it’s also important to understand the mechanisms by which memory works.

Memory was studied by the psychologist G. Ebbinghaus at the end of XIX century. He built a forgetting curve that shows how long information is stored in our memory. And also derived some principles and rules to optimize this process.

1. Information must be perceived consciously, then it is more slowly forgotten. Attitude toward it should be emotionally positive.

2. To preserve information for a longer period (for example study of historical dates, names, events, foreign words, mathematical formulas, etc.) you need to use 4R principle (four repetitions): 1. at the time of reading; 2. in an hour; 3. the next morning; 4. in a week.

3. The more carefully you work on the details, the better you will remember. If the amount of information is large, it should be repeated with varying degrees of detail. First time - in full, second time - key points, third time - entire amount of information in a group or otherwise.

4. End effect. The first and last information are best remembered. Therefore, change the sequence of information when memorizing.

5. Interference. Such memories are mixed in the memory, they affect each other, as if displacing the details of individual events. Therefore, when preparing for the exam, try to memorize the material in such way that the most dissimilar questions are successively changed.

6. To better remember connect the association. For example, draw in your imagination some historical event that you are currently working on, imagine main characters, what they are wearing, what tone of voice they have, temperament. And the numbers on the date of this historic event “tie” to the number of arms, legs, buttons on clothes or horses in a team. (Image memory is a person's basic memory, verbal-logical develops much later, and therefore is weaker).

Good luck to you, dear entrants, in studying the material and at exams!


Deputy Dean of Faculty of Psychology

Lviv State University of Internal Affairs

Online meeting of university representatives with the management of Police Academy in Szczytno (Republic of Poland) took place at the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Event was attended by Commandant-Rector Iwona KLONOWSKA, her Deputy Andrzej ZYLINSKI, Director of the Institute of Internal Security and Public Order Radoslaw TRUKHAN, LvSUIA Rector Roman BLAHUTA, Vice-Rector Olha BALYNSKA and Head of International Educational Activity Unit Vasyl FRANCHUK.


Participants discussed the forms of further cooperation. In particular, they noted an importance of exchange of scientific and pedagogical workers and applicants, advanced training, as well as the implementation of specialized research.

Iwona KLONOWSKA during her welcoming speech expressed hope for future cooperation, despite the limitations of Covid-19. Commandant-Rector also added that its necessary to expand boundaries of cooperation between higher education institutions through mutual publications.

Meanwhile, Radoslavw TRUKHAN acquainted the audience with the conferences that will take place at Police Academy in the first quarter of 2021. In addition, LvSUIA chiefs was invited not only to take part in the events, but also to act as their co-organizers.


Since crime has no borders, and combating its various manifestations is always relevant, we will have a conference on this topic. During the conference we will talk, particularly, how pandemic affected the development of crime. Next discussion will be on combating domestic violence. Another scientific event will focus on cybercrime. Final conference will be Education during pandemic: new challenges and forms of training for government agencies (services).

LvSUIA Rector thanked his foreign colleagues for initiating this important meeting.

“We’ve been cooperating with Police Academy for a long time. This is confirmed by our Protocol on Co-operation, signed in 2011. It’s obvious that in connection with the reform of education in Ukraine and Poland, our forms of cooperation need to be revised and updated” Roman BLAHUTA stressed.

Rector added that issues of law enforcement activities in the field of law enforcement during the pandemic, combating domestic violence and human trafficking are relevant and important for discussion.

LvSUIA Vice-Rector Olha BALYNSKA noted that international scientific-practical conference “Theory and Practice of Combating Crime in Modern Conditions” is traditionally held annually at university.

“It’s very nice that almost every year our colleagues from Police Academy joins this scientific event. In addition, we also cooperate in the direction of publishing periodicals” said Olha BALYNSKA.

At the end of online meeting, participants stressed that cooperation in the field of professional training will promote the development of contacts between scientific & pedagogical staff and students.

Three cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs received presents from the Center Women's Perspectives for active participation in Interuniversity Scientific & Practical Seminar Modern slavery: what myths threat, what facts warn about. Event was held as part of 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

LvSUIA Rector Roman BLAHUTA congratulated cadets and wished them professional growth and new achievements.

In addition, Head of Department for Actualization of Education and Practical Training Oleksandra ZAKHAROVA received a letter of thanks from Center Women's Perspectives for her active professional and civic position in the field of combating human trafficking.

Четвер, 31 грудня 2020 10:51

Anti-trafficking training quest was held at the university

Anti-trafficking training quest for cadets of Faculties №1 and №2 took place in Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Participants carried out investigative (search) actions, after which they drew up relevant documents. Event was organized by the Head of Department of Actualization of Education and Practical Training Oleksandra ZAKHAROVA and Associate Professor of Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminology of Faculty №1 Ruslan SHEKHAVTSOV.

According to the plot, cadets were investigating a crime related to human organ trafficking.

So cadets modeled investigative (search) actions, demonstrated their skills during the presentation for identification and interrogation, as well as knowledge of the relevant norms and laws of Ukraine. In addition, participants wrote out tasks to the operational service to conduct an operational installation in relation to the defendant, drew up a report on the results of visual observation, carried out signal photography of detainees and fingerprinting.

Recently, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs summed up the results of the regional competition of scientific essays on social and legal issues among student youth. 16 young researchers, as well as their supervisors were awarded according to the results of the competition.

LvSUIA representatives went to schools to congratulate the winners of the competition and solemnly present them diplomas and gifts.

One of such meetings took place in Lviv Secondary School №42. Yulia KRASUTSKA won first place in the Criminal Law Problems category.

Head of LvSUIA Career Guidance and Communication Unit Roman YANOVYCH congratulated the talented girl on her victory and wished her new achievements. He also noted that Lviv State University of Internal Affairs has all conditions for the development and formation of young scientists, search for interesting topics and research work.

During the meeting, high school students learned how to become LvSUIA cadet and how to properly apply online for admission.

Recently, representatives of the university also visited Brody Secondary School of I-III grades. №4. Lyudmila LAVRIN won a competition for scientific essays. Girl shared her thoughts on human rights and gender equality in her work.

Competition of scientific essays on social and legal issues among students of Lviv region was held for the first time this year. In their works pupils substantiated own vision of ways to solve pressing problems: from children's rights and preparation for family life to the idea of the nation and unity of Ukraine.

Cadets provided public order and security in Lviv city as part of joint patrols. During two days - December 25 and 26 - total of 60 cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs were involved in the patrol.

LvSUIA cadets closely followed an order in the central part of the city to be sure that no unpleasant incident overshadowed the festive mood of Lviv residents.