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Cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs learned about the most common forms of modern slavery and the peculiarities of communication with victims of human trafficking. Mechanism of interaction between subjects that implement activities in this area were also discussed.

Training for young people was conducted by the Head of Programs and Projects of the international organization A21 Kateryna YAKOVENKO.

Addressing an audience, she remarked: “Officially, slavery has been abolished and recognized as a shameful phenomenon that has no place in modern society. But, unfortunately, it continues to exist and went underground, so it is much harder to fight. Our organization is an abolitionist movement of the XXI century and we oppose slavery and injustice”.

According to International Organization for Migration, more than 260,000 Ukrainians have suffered from modern-day slavery over the past thirty years. Nevertheless, many of our citizens are convinced that they will not fall victim to human trafficking. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Everyone can fall into the net of criminals - regardless of age, gender or social status. So, it’s extremely important to understand how to protect yourself from risky situations and how to help those who have suffered from human trafficking.

“We initiated such thematic trainings to show that the problem of modern slavery is much broader and is not limited by sexual exploitation, as most believe”, explains Oleksandra ZAKHAROVA, Head of LvSUIA Department of Actualization of Education and Practical Training.

In general, training was focused on the specifics of national and international legislation in the field of combating human trafficking. In addition, participants discussed current trends and the impact of pandemic on this phenomenon.

Kateryna YAKOVENKO also spoke about the mechanism of interaction between actors involved in combating human trafficking. Finally, she paid special attention to how best to communicate with the victims of various forms of modern slavery.

All participants received certificates of completion of the training course.

Head of LvSUIA Department of Theoretical Psychology of the Institute of Management, Psychology and Security Zoriana KOVALCHUK took part in International Online Conference “Education during a Pandemic. New phenomena, threats and opportunities. Prospect of education (and not only) of public services. Event was organized by the Higher School of Police in the city of Shchytno together with the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs.

Zoriana Kovalchuk presented the results of a study of people's personal experiences during quarantine, conducted by representatives of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs Nataliya KALKA and Halyna ODINTSOVA. To make a psychological analysis of the mental state of personality they used a method of mandalotherapy.

Researchers managed to convey the peculiarities of the psychological state of man during the pandemic as realistically as possible, because the researched personality was Zoriana KOVALCHUK herself. The report provoked a lively discussion and exchange of views.

It should be noted that this is the third international conference together with the Higher School, in which LvSUIA take part. Previous events have addressed domestic violence and new challenges to crime as a result of the pandemic.

Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Institute of Law at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs Yulia LISITSYNA talked to employees of Border Guard ServiceLviv”. Representative of the university spoke about the problem of discrimination on the grounds of sex. She stressed that gender inequality unbalances people, the state and society, and is one of the main causes of human rights violations.

LvSUIA employee added that discrimination is mostly reflected in stereotypical treatment of women, which leads to a decrease in their social status and may even be a threat to security.

Border guards noted that such information measures are extremely important in modern society, as gender equality is the basis of democratic development of states and the world community.

Cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs became the winners of the student competition Im against human trafficking organized by the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine. Results of the competition were announced at online meeting with the participants.

Video of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs won first place in nomination Relevance and expertise in presenting the topic”. Head of the Human Security Program Lilia HRUDKO said: In selecting the winners in this nomination, we first of all took into account the relevance of the information, as well as the understanding of the concept of human trafficking and its components”.

The authors of the video - cadets Olha-Maria ZINCHIN and Ostap LEVUS - said that in their work they decided to depict various forms of modern slavery. “It was important for us to show that very often people don't even know that they are facing a recruiter or a trafficker. After all, criminals cleverly hide their intentions behind “masks”, masterfully playing their role. So, you need to always be attentive and carefully check the information in order not to fall into the net of human traffickers”, says Olha-Maria.

Lilia HRUDKO explained why the competition jury awarded the victory to a video from LvSUIA: “The message in this video is very clear and understandable that we need to look wider, see, be informed and know what we can do to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking. Very interesting comparisons, we sincerely thank the authors for such a quality video clip”.

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LvSUIA cadets joined flash mob on landscaping in Lviv

Flash mob within the framework of the international ecological project Greening the Planettook place in Lviv. Representatives of public organizations together with volunteers and university youth planted Christmas trees on Soborna Square in Lviv city.

The action began on the Market Square. Activists, cadets and students have created a symbolic living chain of several hundred meters. They held Greening Planet brochures and handed each other tree seedlings to the landing site.

Cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs also joined the event. Second-year cadet of the faculty №1 Victoria NADURAK noted the importance of this event for the city.

“I always support such initiatives”, said LvSUIA cadet. “The number of green recreation areas for Lviv city residents and tourists who come here increses thanks to this flash mob”.

According to the girl, many people today are worried about the fate of our planet, so every year the number of various projects aimed at restoring the ecosystem of Ukraine is growing.

“It's really cool that our university also joins such events” adds the girl. “And, of course, my classmates are eager to take part in them”.

Organizers of the action emphasized that more than two hundred thousand trees are planned to be planted in Lviv region this year.

Lviv State University of Internal Affairs has agreed to cooperate with the Western Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice. The relevant agreement was signed by the Rector of the university Roman BLAHUTA and the Head of Interregional Department Taras HREN.

The document provides for the deepening of partnerships in all areas, in particular, organization of joint research events and projects, involvement of practitioners in conducting binary classes for students and cadets. An important point of the agreement is that from now on future lawyers will receive practical training in Interregional Management units.

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EUAM’ expert held a webinar on human rights

Regional Office of the European Union Advisory Mission in Lviv organized a webinar on human rights. “Master degree seekers of the faculties that train specialists for the National Police, as well as employees of the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs joined the event. The speaker of the webinar was Ombudsman Roman LISINA, who works in the Office of the Human Rights Defender in Slovakia.

Event was dedicated to the topic Human rights and police action. Use of force, Art. 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Roman LISINA explained that, under this convention, no one may be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Compliance with this rule is extremely important for law enforcement.

The speaker noted that police officer may use force in exceptional cases. For example, when a criminal resists arrest or when the life and health of a law enforcement officer are endangered. The Ombudsman spoke about the dynamic risk assessment, as well as provided recommendations that will help applicants in further practical activities.

During the online event, the speaker gave various examples from life, showed videos with participation of law enforcement officers. After that, students were interviewed and expressed their opinion on whether the video recorded violations of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Lviv State University of Internal Affairs hosted a webinar on Advantages and risks of police work to prevent the use and distribution of drugs. It was organized for cadets of Faculties № 1, №2 and №3 together with the EUMC and the European Center for Drug Control and Drug Addiction.

Gregor BURKHART, an EMCDDA employee and a police adviser, told about European experience of preventive police activities. Using slides, he introduced the cadets to the psychological aspects of working with people addicted to drugs and several models of preventive activities, supplementing them with examples from police practice.

Important factor in controlling drug use is the change in environment, says Gregor BURKHART. To change the behavior of people who use alcohol or drugs, you need to understand the factors that cause their addiction. Creating new social conditions for such citizens is crucial in preventive activities.

At the end of webinar specialist answered few questions from the cadets and thanked everyone for their attention.

Lviv University of Internal Affairs, together with Lviv National Agrarian University held a scientific-practical seminar on Current issues of legal regulation of architectural and urban planning in Ukraine.” Event took place remotely. Iryna BESAHA, lecturer at LvSUIA Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure was the moderator of seminar.

Participants of the scientific-practical seminar talked about the concept and content of architectural and urban planning activities, creative process of finding an architectural solution and its implementation, discussed the problems of preservation and use of architectural monuments and so on.



Heavenly Hundred Heroes Day is a memorable day celebrated in Ukraine on February 20 in honor of the feat of participants of the Revolution of Dignity who gave their lives for the future of Ukrainian nation.

Requiem rally dedicated to this sad date took place at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Event was held on the basis of Educational Training Department Vereshchytsia.