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Dear cadets, students, listeners, adjuncts and graduate students of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge

and the beginning of the new educational year!

Getting an education is a difficult but extremely interesting way that opens up unknown horizons and opportunities, helps to learn about the world, realize your potential and achieve success in your dream profession. So I wish each of you to walk this path confidently and with dignity, to be persistent, conscientious, honest, to work tirelessly on yourself and never lose faith in your own strength!


Rector of Lviv State

University of Internal Affairs




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Celebration of the Day of the National Police of Ukraine took place today in the center of Lviv city. During it graduates of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs received bachelor's degrees. Young officers will join the ranks of law enforcement in 16 regions, where they will work in the units of investigation, criminal police and preventive activities. A total of 169 boys and girls graduated from university this year. Three of them received diplomas with honors.

The celebration of the professional holiday of policemen in Lviv took place on the square in front of the monument to the Great Kobzar. Relatives, friends, as well as residents and guests of Lviv city came to congratulate the graduates.

The festivities began with a minute of silence in memory of the heroes-defenders of Ukraine. In addition, flowers were laid at the memorial to law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty and at the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

After that, awards from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Police, the Lviv Regional State Administration, the Lviv Regional Council and the Lviv City Hall were presented to LvSUIA police officers and graduates.

The sincerest congratulations to the graduates were addressed by the Chief of the Department of Operational and Technical Measures of the National Police of Ukraine, General of Police of the Third Rank Mykhailo Kuznetsov: “From today you start an independent life. From today on your shoulders - officer's shoulder straps, which are a symbol of victory of all generations of defenders of our land, their courage and heroism. I believe that you will carry with dignity the title of a graduate of the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, faithfully love your homeland, defend the law and honestly serve the Ukrainian people”.

Police colonel Oleksandr Shlyakhovskyi, Chief of the Main Department of the National Police in Lviv Region, congratulated the police on their professional holiday: “We had to go through a difficult path: we were constantly improving, developing and making our country safer. So I want to congratulate every police officer, wish patience, peace, inspiration and health. Thank you for the work you do every day, not counting your personal time”.

Addressing the graduates, the head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Maksym Kozytskyi wished them to justify the community's trust and be committed to the Oath. “Let the slogan: 'Serve and protect!' will become a life credo for you!”.

Iryna Hrymak, the head of the Lviv Regional Council, also addressed the graduates with a welcoming speech. “I’m sure that the knowledge and wisdom you gained while studying at your alma mater, training you have undergone, will help you serve the Ukrainian people. I want your conscientious work to be focused on the security of our community, our state, on its strengthening”.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy wished the young officers to be brave and never be afraid, because fear paralyzes. “If you defend the law and the state, you always have the support of God and the community”. After the congratulations addressed to the young officers, the graduates were awarded bachelor's degrees.

LvSUIA Rector Police colonel Roman Blahuta, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. First of all, he read greetings to the graduates from the Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. “Your dream to join the ranks of police officers has come true. Interesting and important path of independent living, filled with professional success and life victories begins from this day. We hope that the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired during your studies will give you a sense of confidence in serving society and the state,” the Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

“It is very important that on the Day of the National Police of Ukraine we hold celebrations and release you, young officer. Handing you shoulder straps, I’ve already said that no institution of higher education provides comprehensive knowledge and skills. Our main function is to give you an understanding and awareness of the need for professional growth. When you have a constant thirst for knowledge, you’ll feel the need to improve as a specialist, you will become professionals in their field,” said LvSUIA Rector Roman Blahuta.

Father Ivan Revutsky and Volodymyr Kepych performed God's Blessing and dedication of graduates to the service of the Law and the Ukrainian people.

The festivities ended with a farewell to the university flag and a spectacular waltz of young officers.

LvSUIA Press service

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Lviv State University of Internal Affairs hosted the opening of a personal exhibition artworks by Victoriya NADURAK, cadet of the Faculty №1. The exhibition presents 27 paintings painted with oil paints.

LvSUIA Rector Roman BLAHUTA visited the exhibition and shared his impressions of the young artist's work. “The ability to convey emotion, dynamics, mood, color, shadow and volume on canvas is a real talent that needs to be developed. The author of these works is very talented, so I wish her success and inspiration, “ said the Head of the university. He stressed that it’s extremely important that applicants improve not only in their future profession, but also develop their abilities in various fields, including creativity.

According to Victoriya NADURAK, she's been interested in painting since childhood. ”I loved to draw at school, but didn’t have the opportunity to attend an art studio to develop these skills,” recalls the cadet.

Two years ago, the girl accidentally found old oil paints and it was a turning point in her work. “Since then, I have hardly put the brush away from my hands. As soon as I have a free minute, I draw immediately,” Victoriya admits. She says that she is most inspired by nature. So in his works she tries to convey its colors, uniqueness and beauty.

“For me, painting is a special process. Creativity helps to open the soul and pour all the emotions and experiences on the canvas, ” the author says.

The girl plans not to stop on her laurels and to develop further her creative abilities. This year she has already taken two courses - in painting and architectural sketch in one of Lviv art studios.

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Tamara VOITENKO was 48 years old when the fourth power unit at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant exploded and the world was shaken by an unprecedented catastrophe. She worked in the medical unit of the Lviv Police School, was raising two children, a son and a daughter, and didn’t even suspect that the Chornobyl tragedy would radically change her life.

Now Tamara Mikhailovna is 82 years old. Despite her respectable age, she doesn’t lose optimism and enjoys to share stories about her past.

When the reactor caught fire, we all understood trouble. Although, probably, no one was fully aware of the scale of what happened. Now we know: radiation is a silent killer”. And then there was almost no information, we didn't understand how to act, what to do, "Tamara Mykhailivna recalls.

In January, 1988, more than a year and a half after the tragedy, officers and cadets of the Lviv Police School were sent to the exclusion zone. Nurse Tamara VOITENKO went with them.

After the accident at the nuclear power plant, people left their homes in a hurry, having time to take with them only the most necessary things. Shops, cafes, institutions were empty… Everything where life was raging a few days ago resembled a ruin. Soon, looters began to gather in Pripyat and surrounding villages. The things left behind became easy plunder for them. Even the fact that the level of radiation around was outrageous didn’t stop them. The only ones who could repel the robbers were police patrols patrolling the exclusion zone.

Officers and cadets of the Lviv Police School also joined the fight against looting. And although more than a year has passed since the explosion at the nuclear power plant, the number of people willing to make money on somebodies trouble has not decreased.

Our guys were on duty at the posts, went around the streets, detained looters… There was a lot of work. Some went on patrol, others returned. And almost everyone needed my help, ” Tamara VOITENKO recalls.

The nurse had to take care of the health of more than two hundred people. And, if at first everyone felt energetic and energetic, then a few days later there were alarm bells signaling a serious radiation injury.

Hearing problems started, and then almost everyone had nosebleeds, which were very difficult to stop. Some were bothered by a rash on the body, some didnt have low blood pressure. I had to work continuously to take care of everyone, says Tamara Mykhailivna.

Lviv cadets and officers patrolled the exclusion zone for more than a month, and when they returned home, they realized that Chornobyl would forever remain in their lives and memories.

We didn’t go there for fame, awards, payments or benefits. There wasn’t even a thought about that, Tamara Voitenko emphasizes. We understood that it was our duty to deal with the consequences of this terrible tragedy.

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Khrystyna BEREZHANSKA, cadet of LvSUIA Faculty №3 is convinced that any changes have to start with yourself. Few years ago, the girl decided to get rid of habits that harm nature and make her life more environmentally friendly. He says that at first it wasn’t easy to abandon plastic and turn on a new mode of saving resources.

Such transition must be conscious and gradual. We need to start with simple steps try to consume less water and electricity, take care of the environment, sort garbage, throw batteries in special containers and not destroy nature shares his own experience Khrystyna.

Sviatoslav PROTSYUK, sophomore of the Faculty №3, calls for preserving the beauty and harmony of nature. The guy is from a picturesque area of Ternopil region, the village of Vanzhuliv. “Clear air and forests around. It's so beautiful that it's breathtaking” says the young man. However, even in this ecological paradise there are troubles. After all, not everyone understands that disturbing the balance in nature is extremely easy, but to restore it is much more difficult.

He believes that we should take care of the environment every day, because the future of our planet depends on it.

Sofia OLIYARCHUK, student at the Institute of Management, Psychology and Security, a volunteer and environmental activist, shares this view. The girl advises to take small steps every day to achieve a great goal – to save nature from pollution.

In her native Zolochiv, the girl always joins city cleaning actions and tries to involve as many young people as possible in such initiative. After all, making it together is always more fun and easier to cope with even the hardest work.

It is extremely important to teach children to take care of nature from an early age, to develop their awareness and indifference to this topic, said Karolina GAPCIC, student at LvSUIA Institute of Management, Psychology and Security. The girl has many ideas on how to draw public attention to environmental issues. He says it is necessary to start from school, when the child is just forming useful habits. In addition, much depends on the example of parents and their attitude to the environment.

Karolina was lucky. Her family has always supported environmental trends and taught children to do so. So the girl realized that it is necessary to appreciate nature, to take care of every plant and tree from an early age.

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Cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs learned about the most common forms of modern slavery and the peculiarities of communication with victims of human trafficking. Mechanism of interaction between subjects that implement activities in this area were also discussed.

Training for young people was conducted by the Head of Programs and Projects of the international organization A21 Kateryna YAKOVENKO.

Addressing an audience, she remarked: “Officially, slavery has been abolished and recognized as a shameful phenomenon that has no place in modern society. But, unfortunately, it continues to exist and went underground, so it is much harder to fight. Our organization is an abolitionist movement of the XXI century and we oppose slavery and injustice”.

According to International Organization for Migration, more than 260,000 Ukrainians have suffered from modern-day slavery over the past thirty years. Nevertheless, many of our citizens are convinced that they will not fall victim to human trafficking. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Everyone can fall into the net of criminals - regardless of age, gender or social status. So, it’s extremely important to understand how to protect yourself from risky situations and how to help those who have suffered from human trafficking.

“We initiated such thematic trainings to show that the problem of modern slavery is much broader and is not limited by sexual exploitation, as most believe”, explains Oleksandra ZAKHAROVA, Head of LvSUIA Department of Actualization of Education and Practical Training.

In general, training was focused on the specifics of national and international legislation in the field of combating human trafficking. In addition, participants discussed current trends and the impact of pandemic on this phenomenon.

Kateryna YAKOVENKO also spoke about the mechanism of interaction between actors involved in combating human trafficking. Finally, she paid special attention to how best to communicate with the victims of various forms of modern slavery.

All participants received certificates of completion of the training course.

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Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Institute of Law at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs Yulia LISITSYNA talked to employees of Border Guard ServiceLviv”. Representative of the university spoke about the problem of discrimination on the grounds of sex. She stressed that gender inequality unbalances people, the state and society, and is one of the main causes of human rights violations.

LvSUIA employee added that discrimination is mostly reflected in stereotypical treatment of women, which leads to a decrease in their social status and may even be a threat to security.

Border guards noted that such information measures are extremely important in modern society, as gender equality is the basis of democratic development of states and the world community.

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Cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs became the winners of the student competition Im against human trafficking organized by the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine. Results of the competition were announced at online meeting with the participants.

Video of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs won first place in nomination Relevance and expertise in presenting the topic”. Head of the Human Security Program Lilia HRUDKO said: In selecting the winners in this nomination, we first of all took into account the relevance of the information, as well as the understanding of the concept of human trafficking and its components”.

The authors of the video - cadets Olha-Maria ZINCHIN and Ostap LEVUS - said that in their work they decided to depict various forms of modern slavery. “It was important for us to show that very often people don't even know that they are facing a recruiter or a trafficker. After all, criminals cleverly hide their intentions behind “masks”, masterfully playing their role. So, you need to always be attentive and carefully check the information in order not to fall into the net of human traffickers”, says Olha-Maria.

Lilia HRUDKO explained why the competition jury awarded the victory to a video from LvSUIA: “The message in this video is very clear and understandable that we need to look wider, see, be informed and know what we can do to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking. Very interesting comparisons, we sincerely thank the authors for such a quality video clip”.

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Flash mob within the framework of the international ecological project Greening the Planettook place in Lviv. Representatives of public organizations together with volunteers and university youth planted Christmas trees on Soborna Square in Lviv city.

The action began on the Market Square. Activists, cadets and students have created a symbolic living chain of several hundred meters. They held Greening Planet brochures and handed each other tree seedlings to the landing site.

Cadets of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs also joined the event. Second-year cadet of the faculty №1 Victoria NADURAK noted the importance of this event for the city.

“I always support such initiatives”, said LvSUIA cadet. “The number of green recreation areas for Lviv city residents and tourists who come here increses thanks to this flash mob”.

According to the girl, many people today are worried about the fate of our planet, so every year the number of various projects aimed at restoring the ecosystem of Ukraine is growing.

“It's really cool that our university also joins such events” adds the girl. “And, of course, my classmates are eager to take part in them”.

Organizers of the action emphasized that more than two hundred thousand trees are planned to be planted in Lviv region this year.

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Lviv State University of Internal Affairs has agreed to cooperate with the Western Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice. The relevant agreement was signed by the Rector of the university Roman BLAHUTA and the Head of Interregional Department Taras HREN.

The document provides for the deepening of partnerships in all areas, in particular, organization of joint research events and projects, involvement of practitioners in conducting binary classes for students and cadets. An important point of the agreement is that from now on future lawyers will receive practical training in Interregional Management units.