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Понеділок, 17 травня 2021 12:44

EUAM coach told the cadets about the work of law enforcement during the inspection of the scene

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Webinar on Event Management was held at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Svetla PETROVA, a counselor-coach of the regional office of the EUAM in Lviv region, told LvSUIA cadets about the nuances of the militiaman's work during the inspection of the consequences of the criminal event.

The class focused on various concepts of policing at the crime scene: “First of all, management is the protection of the scene for the investigation and analysis of the criminal scene. Secondly, it is, in fact, a collection of documents and evidence for the implementation of investigative actions,said Svetla PETROVA.

During the webinar, she also talked about the specific stages of work at the scene, the powers of law enforcement and the consequences of his/her improper activities, as well as asked cadets interactive questions.

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