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Mail for correspondence
Chief Editor

Doctor of Law, Professor
Balynska Olha

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor
Revak Iryna

Executive secretary

Candidate of Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Ohirko Olha

Department of the organization of scientific work


Editorial and publishing department

Opening remarks by chief editor

Dear colleagues, scientists!

We want to report some changes in the market of scientific services provided by the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, in particular, to meet the needs for creative self-realization, presentation of the results of scientific research and their promotion. It goes about changes in the field of professional scientific publications.

In order to move from quantity to quality, there was the idea of ​​replacing three editions of the the Scientific Bulletin (with legal, economic and psychological series), which since 2006 has been included in the list of professional publications and has a positive reputation among them, into one with the prospect of further development.

The conception a new scientific publication is caused, first of all, by the desire to bring scientists from different fields of knowledge engaged in the study of related subjects that are interesting to almost everyone on one discussion ground. Such subjects of study, taking into account the whole history of mankind and science, were the man himself, his environment and the rules of coexistence. The combination of these phenomena with the scientific interests of researchers who published the results of their explorations in our Scientific Bulletins, outlined the scope of the issues of the new edition – economics, political science, psychology, sociology, jurisprudence.

So, with the efforts of the university's scientists and, of course, with the support of our colleagues, the first issue of the scientific and analytical magazine "Social-legal studios" was published. This edition is multilingual (with the articles in Ukrainian, English and Russian) with a focus not only on the national but also on the foreign sphere of distribution and the prospect of entering the international level (enter into international science-computer databases).

Our goal is to create and develop a universal scientific platform for a constructive dialogue of scientists from various fields of research, and this way to support a new world scientific trend and provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach in designing models of human relations (both individual, and in social groups or the society as a whole) by introducing them in a certain context (say, financial security, political crisis, psychological discomfort, legal conflicts or universal globalization).

We adhere to the established scientific and publishing traditions, thanks to which the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs became famous among the scientific community of Ukraine.

We continue to be a reliable partner for scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers, applicants of educational and scientific degrees, and other persons interested in studying the socio-legal issues. Indeed, we always demonstrate stability in adhering to the rules of scientific ethics and the conditions of academic integrity.

We are open to the promotion of comparative studies, therefore, we invite also scientific colleagues from abroad to inform the readers about the results of scientific-analytical and experimental research in the field of social and behavioral sciences and jurisprudence not only in Ukraine but also in other countries.

We are keeping up with the times and ask you to go with us!